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The PEA team can offer a wide range of services related to mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems including but not limited to:

Mechanical Systems Design

  • Steam, hot water, high temperature hot water, and hot oil burners
  • Centrifugal (open & hermetic), absorption, reciprocating chillers
  • Diesel engine co-generation and gas turbine co-generation
  • Chilled and hot water storage
  • Ice making
  • Heat pumps
  • Geothermal systems
  • Variable volume terminal reheat
  • Variable volume cold air
  • Fan powered VAV with primary air
  • 2 and 4 pipe fan coil systems
  • Low temperature HVAC systems
  • Under floor air distribution systems
  • Radiant ceiling heating and cooling systems

Plumbing Systems Design

  • Domestic hot and cold water distribution systems
  • Hot water and solar water systems
  • Storm drainage system
  • Sanitary sewer waste and vent
  • Natural gas systems
  • Pumping systems
  • Laboratory waste disposal
  • Food service
  • Water and heat reclamation
  • Backflow prevention
  • LEED solutions
  • High purity water systems
  • Medical gas systems

Process Systems Design

  • Process cooling
  • Process heating
  • Acid and solvent ventilation
  • Flammable liquids storage and handling
  • Pharmaceutical water and clean steam
  • Process instrumentation and control
  • Waste treatment
  • Compressed air
  • Process utilities
  • Emission control and vapor recovery
  • Hazardous chemical handling system

Electrical Systems Design

  • Power distribution system design
  • Lighting design (architectural, exterior, roadway, sports)
  • Lighting control systems
  • Flash hazard & short circuit study

  • Protective coordination study
  • Harmonic surveys
  • Grounding safety and performance audits
  • Electrical spec compliance inspections
  • Emergency and standby power design
  • Peak shaving studies
  • Uninterruptable power distribution system design
  • Access control, fire alarm, lightning protection
  • Voice / Data back bone systems

Other Services Include:

Our LEED accredited professionals work closely with the architect to insure that appropriate strategies are implemented in our design in order to get points that will achieve the LEED Certification level goals established for the project.
In some cases the traditional design/bid/build project delivery method does not fit a client schedule or other requirements. In these cases we have a track record dating back almost 30 years for delivering projects through several versions of the popular design/build delivery method. In most cases we have actively worked as part of the contractor’s team to complete the project.
PEA provides a unique ability to monitor and control both quality and cost during project construction. Services may include shop drawing/submittal review, RFI review/ response, attend periodic construction jobsite meetings, and provide periodic inspections including substantial completion and final inspections.
PEA can assist with the planning, documenting, scheduling, testing, adjusting, verifying, and training, to ensure that Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical systems function in accordance with the contract documents and per the Owner’s Project Requirements. The goal of the Commissioning Process is to enhance the quality of the delivered project by focusing the design and construction team on the Owner’s goals for a functional and energy efficient building. The earlier a Commissioning Provider is involved in the project process the greater the chance there is for the Commissioning Provider to influence corrections without increased costs later.
We believe clients need the most accurate assessments in order to make the decisions to implement project solutions that best serve their interests. Feasibility studies require the knowledge to analyze solutions at significantly higher levels of uncertainty because they are done early in the conceptual stage. We provide the required field study, conceptual layouts, and evaluations necessary to determine whether capital costs are compatible with project goals.
PEA provides evaluation and report of mechanical and electrical systems and equipment. The assessment involves equipment measurements, overall performance, condition and age. Often, estimates are made regarding the remaining life of equipment. Data is prepared to determine costs associated with upgrade or replacement. A final plan of priorities is established.
Most projects are restricted by budget. As such, PEA’s team is experienced in working with owners, architects, and contractors to aid in developing alternate design solutions that help control/reduce first costs while maintaining the owner’s project objectives.

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